Define your strategy

The path to succes includes sustainability and innovation

We assist you with focusing abilities and resources of your company, including top management, on strategic tasks in order to seize opportunities giving priority to innovation and sustainability. We help you to reduce threat, linked to an environment which is more and more dynamic, when you deliver value to your customers.

Evaluate strategic alternatives

We help you answer questions such as "How will we successfully compete with new global players? How can we exploit new technologies to re-define the way we deliver value to our customer? How can we take advantage of the changes arising ? Are we able to deliver our current or new strategies; where do they need strengthening?..." We go about it through customized collection of reliable information and insightful analysis of global and local key "macrochanges" that affect your line of business. We can provide you with strong analytical tools to enable the assessment capabilities. We can also evaluate financial and strategic sides of acquisition targets or merger partners.

Assess your environment permanently

“Which are the best markets? Who are the customers we should focus on? How are we going to deliver value in a better way than our competitors, keeping a growing profitability?” are matters we can clarify working on the update of your mission, vision, and strategy, through creative interventions which set free individual and team creativity in the formulation of winning strategies. Then we assist you setting up an evaluation of the alternatives based on qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Standard tools for strategy

- Mission statement
- PEST Analysis
- SWOT Analysis
- Ansoff Matrix
- Porter 5s forces

New tools for strategy

- Open innovation
- eMarketing
- Lean six sigma
- Intangible assets management
- Cloud computing
- Web collaboration
- Sustainable development

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