Sector focus

Our experiences

Many of GC Partner’s customers come from mutli-national industries aiming to create a business in Luxembourg or Belgium. Another part of our activities is based on small and medium businesses which are facing growth issues. Each with specific experiences can be reused in other sectors and combined using the wide range of skills of our team. As a result, GC Partner is able to deliver value effectively to clients across the services, financial and manufacturing landscape.

Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Media

GC Partner helps his customers to answer and act upon some major questions to thrive in a changing environment like supply chain, business process optimization, IT alignment, change management. It helps you to develop your value chain or partnership in order to optimise your effectiveness in unlocking the new opportunities.

Banking & Funds Servicing

GC Partner helps to ensure that your organization operates more cohesively and efficiently, aligning processes and strategy, transferring best practices,reducing duplications and control practices in order to fully comply with local regulation while securing business efficiency.

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