Yannick Palmkoeck

Yannick Palmkoeck began his professional career at GC Partner in 2006. Since, he has been very active in managerial, strategic, and financial consulting. Yannick brings his international experience and multi-faceted viewpoint to every project he undertakes, including projects for multinational industrial firms located in Germany, France and Luxembourg.

He has developed practical experience through the completion of numerous successful projects. Since his professional debut. Yannick has conducted process optimization studies, analyzed strategic positioning, enacted change management strategies, and performed project management in a team-oriented environment. His ability to identify key synergies in an organization has helped him make an increasingly powerful impact on companies, with profit potential extending well into the future.

Yannick holds a Master's degree in economics from the Université de Liège. Yannick also holds a DESS In IT Management from the HEC Management School of Liège, as well as a Master's in Entrepreneurship from the HEC, and a Master's in political science from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Yannick's native language is French, but he also speaks English and German fluently, allowing him to overcome linguistic barriers, and conduct business across several different cultures

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